Ntungamo Info

Ntungamo District is a district in Western Uganda. Like most Ugandan districts, it named after its ‘chief town’, Ntungamo, the location of the district headquarters.

In the past, Ntungamo District was part of the Ankole Kingdom, a traditional monarchy that dates back to the 18th century. The kingdom was abolished by Milton Obote in 1967. The current President of Uganda, Yoweri Museveni, and his wife, Janet Museveni, were both born in Ntungamo District. The Ankole Kingdom is coterminous with Ankole sub-region, home to an estimated 2.2 inhabitants in 2002, according to the national census conducted that year.


Ntungamo District is bordered to the north, from west to east by Mitooma District, Sheema District and Mbarara District. Isingiro District lies to the east, the Republic of Rwanda to the south, Kabale District to the southwest and Rukungiri District to the northwest.The general coordinates of the district are: 00 53S, 30 16E. The district covers 2,056 square kilometres (794 sq mi) of which approximately 0.2% is open water, 3.4% is wetland and about 0.01% is forest.


The national census of 2002 estimated the population of Ntungamo District at about 380,000, with an estimated annual population growth rate of 3%. It is estimated that in 2010, the population of the district was approximately 481,400. See table below:

Ntungamo District Population Trends
Year Estimated Population
2002 380,000
2003 391,400
2004 403,100
2005 415,200
2006 427,700
2007 440,500
2008 453,700
2009 467,500
2010 481,400

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