Arts and Crafts

Crafts and arts

 Uganda has a wide array of handicraft products, ranging from basketry, mats, ceramics, beads, pottery, hand textiles and woven products to toys, jewellery, bags, leather products, batik and wood craft, etc. These items are produced in all districts and regions, using local raw materials and with tribal ornaments in limited edition based on culture, history, and traditions.

Carpenters, ironworkers, potters, musicians, and others were once permanent features of the Mugabe’s (king’s) homestead or were in constant contact with it. Carpenters fashioned stools, milk-pots, meat-dishes, water pots, and troughs for fermenting beer. Iron-smiths manufactured spears, knives, and hammers. Every family had a member who specialized in pottery. Pipes for smoking displayed the finest artistic creativity. Small colored beads were used to decorate clay pipes, which came in various shapes and sizes, and walking sticks.

Traditional industries are not nearly as significant as in the past. Nevertheless, one can still observe the use of traditional pipes, water-pots for music, decorated walking sticks exchanged at marriage, and the use of gourds and pottery.

Art galleries

There are art galleries  like Roocah Cultural centre in Ntungamo town that exhibit the work that are open to the tourists tom see how the Banyankole used to live and behave. The gallery has different crafts and sculptures like the baskets of different sizes and shapes that used to serve purposes, calabashes, beads, spears and some other modern art involve the shirts that are made of the African materials, the batiks and embroidery in different colours that all remind the people of their cultures and the origin.

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