Karegyeya Toll

Karegyeya Toll

The Karegyeya Toll

This toll that is commonly known as Eibare rya Karegyeya locally is located 3 km from Ntungamo town along Ntungamo –Rukungiri road. It is found in Karegyeya village, Kikoni parish in Ntungamo sub- county. It is believed that there lived the Bachwezi in the stone even up to today. That the surrounding communities used to see there fire frames burning at night but nobody could find there the ashes in the morning.

It is believed that inside the stone are different apartments and that the people could find there the food and money in the morning when no one knows who puts there those things.

View of Karegyeya Rock from Ntungamo-Rukungiri Road

It is believed that there is a big snake under the stone that protects it from falling off and no one could know or even imagine its length and that below the snake is a lake of which people believe that if anyone ever destroys the stone, all the surrounding areas would be covered by the water from that lake.


2 thoughts on “Karegyeya Toll

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  2. there is another stone in kanyonga,kyobwe parish,kayonza s.county,rushenyi,ntungamo district.this stone is locally known as “eibaare ryamuhumuza”and muhumuza was one of the bachwezi leaders.at night you hear big heads of cattle,see fire on the same place.also on the same stone when you reach there,there are foot marks of muhumuza,his dog and his spear.

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