Ntungamo Music

Songs and dances

There are different kinds of songs and dances that are practiced by the people in the district and the common ones are Ekitaguriro among the Banyankole, and kizino among the Bakiga It is an elderly dance for both men and women occasionally performed to demonstrate the love of the Ankole people with their cattle. These cattle have very long horns so making the all dance aerial. The singing in this dance is similar to the sounds of the cow. You even hear the sounds of the milk flowing from the berry of the cow, in this dance. The flute that is played during the dance is the same used to herd cattle. The stamping movements of the men in this dance are similar to the walking movements of a cow and the hands of the ladies just demonstrate the long beautiful horns on the cow

The common instruments that are used include wooden zither (Enaanga) that was brought to Uganda by the Hamites and is common among the Bakiga. African zithers have a boat-shaped sound box with a fairly long wooden neck, which enters the resonator. The enaanga is strictly a solo instrument and has eight strings, which run above a wooden trough. A zither is an instrument in which the strings run parallel to the resonator, which extends the entire length of the strings.

Flute (Omukuri) is widely popular in all the tribes that is played with five finger-holes and is also common in the Bahima as is used for the cows. It is played both as a solo and accompaniment instrument.

Uganda drum (Engoma) is a percussion instrument that is common in all these tribes in the district as a musical instrument that is used with other instruments to give them the stronger bits and the rhythm

Shakers are the percussion instrument and are locally known as Ensaasi
Shakers are made in pairs from gourds or shells, sometimes with stick handles, and are used to accompany other traditional instruments in Uganda. Generally, these shakers produce sounds by many small objects, such as pebbles, rattling together inside the body.

Rattle commonly known as Akacence is also common among the tribes in the district that is used in the accompaniment of other instruments is made of the small seeds that are put inside the small reeds that keep making.

Ankle bells  known as Endege are the  percussion instrument are used in a way that the dancers frequently have metal jingles tied on their ankles to articulate their movements that make good sounds as the dancers are moving around the dancing arena.

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