Nyabiyanga Rock

 Nyabiyanga Rock (Eibare rya Nyabiyanga)

Nyabiyanga Rock

This is also a rock that is found in Karegyeya village, Kikoni parish in Ntungamo sub-county. It is also the natural resource or the rock believed to have been the home of the Bachwezi and it is believed that they still pay their visit to the site. The people in the surrounding say that they used to see the fire frames during the evenings but no ashes in the morning.

The place is very important because the people always go there for the Devine healing, blessings and consultations. Inside the rock are the apartments that amount to 12 in number where the Bachwezi used to stay and that nobody has ever reached in the 12th apartment as there is a belief that it is full of water, so whoever will enter will drawn in the water and the whole area will be covered by water.

On one of the apartments is a hole on top that was believed to be the one to help the Bachwezi to see the moon at night and to be able to listen to their animals as they grazed around the rock. On top of the big rock, there sat another small one that used to be balancing on top of the big one and it is believed that they (Bachwezi) used it as the drum to help them in communication. The surrounding stones were used by the Bachwezi to sit on when grazing their animals.

People used to find there the utensils and other instruments that were believed to have been left by the Bachwezi including the cups, milk pots, calabashes and the mats.


Other different rocks that are believed to have been inhabited by the Bachwezi include the ones Kigarama village Kibingo parish in Nyakyera sub- county that is believed to have about 2 apartments with the two entry points. It is also believed that the one on top balances in the middle making some sound that were used as the drum by the Bachwezi.

In the nearby in Nyamiyaga village, Kitoha parish in Rukoni sub-county is believed to have been having the invisibles where by people could make the place dirty in the evening and find when it is swept in the morning.

Other sites that are the inhabitants of the Bachwezi is found in Eibare village, Ngoma parish in Nyakyera sub-county commonly known as Ekishororo locally where the they used to play there games in the evening especially the board game( Omweso) when they are resting after rearing the animals. These games used to be drawn on the flat rocks of which there still exist the marks on those rocks. Such marks are also found in the areas in Nyakihanga village in the same parish.

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