Traditional Architecture


Traditional House in Kishami, Kyakyera, Ruhaama

Traditionally, Bahima (herders) maintained homes modelled after the king’s but much smaller and for the Banyarwanda always decorate the huts especially the ones that that are ready to receive the bride. They built the enclosures with the walls built halfway so that they could easily hear what is taking place outside as they had to protect their animals from the wild animals and this form has been maintained up tom today.

The Bairu (farmers) traditionally built homes in the shape of a beehive. Poles of timber were covered with a framework of woven straw. A thick layer of grass frequently covered the entire structure. They also build the granaries that are meant for the storage of especially millet, maize and sorghum

Today, housing makes use of indigenous materials such as papyrus, grass, and wood. Homes are primarily rectangular. They are usually made from wattle and daub (woven rods and twigs plastered with clay and mud) with thatched roofs. Cement, brick, and corrugated iron are used by those who can afford them.

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